Our e-learning solutions

Our e-learning solutions are composed of several trainings for finance professionals and people looking to start a career in finance.  

Our e-learning solution offers you the freedom to connect where and whenever you want. This solution is ideal to learn at your rhythm. 

This training format is strongly appreciated by users because of its accessibility. 

Our modules have the objective to provide you with all the knowledge that could be potentially strengthen by in class trainings.

E-learning in numbers

E-learning represents more than 10% of the global training market…

E-learning is growing at a rate of 30% per annum.

72% of trainees think that the single most important value of e-learning is the flexibility it offers.

80% of trainees declare having a better learning experience than traditional teaching, e-learning allowing them to learn at their pace.


E-learning component

Well thought programs Dynamic learning: videos, presentations, practical cases…
Dedicated tutors
One of the best e-learning platform in the market


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