Finance islamique

Islamic Finance Qualification

The Islamic Finance Qualification ( IFQ ) is CERTIFIED by the CISI recognized in GLOBAL Islamic finance industry.

Do you want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in Islamic finance ?
Do you want to understand the influence of the Islamic business law corpus in the global financial environment?

This training program is ideal.
This is the first INTERNATIONAL reference in the field of Islamic finance with recognized Islamic financial institutions in the UK and abroad.
This certificate is often essential to start a career in the Islamic Finance industry.



The Islamic Finance Certificate prepares you to deal with KEY POSITIONS in Islamic insurance and Islamic finance.

The training content is as follows:

  • Introduction to Islamic Finance
  • Business Muslim Law
  • Contracts and financial techniques
  • Wealth Management, and Islamic investment
  • Islamic Bonds - Sukuk
  • Islamic insurance - Takaful
  • Financial Statements